Electric Grout Remover Replacement Tips


Product Description

For use with the Plasplugs Electric Grout Remover

  • 2 x Replacement Tips
  • 1 x Chisel Head (3mm)
  • 1 x Spear Head
  • 1 x Hex Key

Typical Applications


  • Removing Tile Grout
  • Refreshing Tiled Areas
EGRR182 3.2MM


  1. Insert the hexagonal key provided into the screw head output shaft.
  2. Choose the suitable tip for your job.  The pointed tip can be used on all cement based grout joints sanded or non-sanded, when the grout width is 3mm (1/8") or less.  The chisel tip is best used for varying widths of grout, for example shower, bath & sink areas, floor tiles, wall tiles, fireplace tiles, etc.
  3. Turn the Hex key anti-clockwise and place the tip into the tool.  Ensure the tip is fully inserted.
  4. Turn the Hex key clockwise to tighten the tip.  Once tightened, gently pull on the tip to check it is securely fastened in place.

NOTE:  Do not over tighten as you might damage the hex key and/or screw head.  Please ensure the appropriate tip is used for the grout joint to be worked on.  Check the width of the tip against the grout line to ensure that the tip does not touch the tile, as the supplier will not accept liability for any possible damage.